Goodbye 2015, I will always love ya!

With only a few minutes left for 2016 to start, I just want to sit here and thank 2015 for being so grand to me! 2015 has been an amazing year full of memories and lessons. I have a sense of accomplishment that I will always associate with this year.In 2015, I was able to successfully complete my first year of BMM. Not that I feared to fail in exams but I think this was an achievement because it was not an easy path. It was the result of choices that were very uncertain during the decision time and also during the inevitable process of living them. I loved what I did for the most part and for the rest, well, there were lessons to be learnt.

Also, this year gave me the most special moment of seeing my name on a cheque for the first time. The amount didn’t matter because it really made me proud of myself and well, feel quite rich, too! It was a moment which cannot be described in words. Also, it rightfully deserved a few tears to be shed. I did receive three more of the kind, but the first one, shall always remain the most special one.

Well, there were a lot of life lessons that 2015 taught me. Like, its okay to leave behind a few people because they might not want to be with you anymore or maybe it is just what it is and you should not try to change it. It doesn’t help to be clingy. Or maybe, that sadness can not always just be defined by the desire to cry. Some moments can be tear-free yet really sad.

I guess it was so special because it was made up of so many small moments which were very special in themselves. Woah, I already feel such a grown up.

So, bye bye 2015, and hello 2016. No pressure, but please be good to me.

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