The Road and the Lamp.

Imagine leaving behind the safe known road and going down the unknown. There you find street lamps half extinguished, and half flickering all the time. There are Dementors sweeping around, slowly taking away, little by little, a piece of your smile. The cold and dread are slowly arresting your chest, close and tight. Then you see a lamp shining bright at a distance and feel as if you have found your patronus. It gives you the power to move forward despite all odds. You move forward. But, when you reach within sufficient distance, the lamp starts to flicker at last. It suddenly makes you wish you could return to the safety of the known road. But as you turn, its all dark and you have no choice but to turn again and keep moving forward, despite the dread. You move forward, searching for the next lamp. You know, by now, that the next one will also flicker and die, but the hope in your heart tells, to never stop giving it a try.

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