The Snapshot of the Status.
The Snapshot of the Status.

A simple scroll on Twitter took me to a tweet which said, Josh Radnor was coming to Mumbai. It was one of those ‘Oh is this really happening??’ moment for me while I was travelling in the Mumbai Local for going to college. The network was weak, but I did manage to see the price of the ticket (Rs. 75,000) which was enough to put the idea of meeting him in the most deserted corner of my brain. I reached my destination and forgot about all about it. The next day, I got a message from a friend with a snapshot of Varun Agarwal’s post on Facebook about the INK Live Event in Mumbai. I became curious about the whole idea once again and found the post and followed the link. And this time, it was only Rs. 1000! (The earlier link was to the conference at Grand Hyatt and this was to INK Live. Thank you INK, for this opportunity!) You can never imagine my happiness and excitement! I am the sort of person who wakes past mid day but yet there I was messaging and calling friends to come along for the event at 7:30 in the morning!
So, that’s pretty much how I landed at ISDI Parsons, Mumbai for the Ink Live Event.

Event Dates: 16th to 18th October 2015.

But, even though the initial motivation was just this, I soon realized, that I would have deeply regretted not coming, for more than just missing the opportunity to meet these people.

Every single speaker, brought with him/her a magical world of things that I could not have imagined before. Even though, I love and respect all of them, a few deserve a special mention here!

I mean honestly, I could have never imagined the possibility of a career involving photographing parasites and actually make them look beautiful in a very different way.. or a card game which makes us think about future and create stories!
We all love coffee or tea, but seeing that there are people out their actually trying to save and promote the Indian contribution to these industries was a really proud moment. Same was for the efforts put in to make Indian Super Hero Comics a success!
Two things in the medical field, really made me happy. It was how the advancement in the eye treatment and creating bones from cells naturally is making our healthcare better!
The most amazing stories came from three guys. First one was about a guy who had started a school in his house backyard at the age of 8 and the second one about how music had saved a boy from becoming a thief and going the wrong way… Third one was about a man who is working hard to ensure the welfare of farmers.
I loved listening to Ayushmann Khurana, Zoya Akhtar, Irfan Khan, Kiran Rao and Anand Gandhi! It was like an insight into the celebrity world and discovering that they are not really that different from us!
And, listening to Josh Radnor, Ted! was like a dream come true! ❤
But Perhaps, the most amazing part of these talks was how we got the opportunity to see the contribution of women in many different fields. May it be music, teaching, making movies or being a CEO of a company! Or Hosting the INK Talks event! Lakshmi Ma’am, you are an amazing host!

The interaction session with Josh Radnor and Varun Agarwal was perhaps the most motivating thing ever, maybe it was because it was so real and also because of the realization that Ted, the character which I really really love was just a part of Josh’s life and not the only identity he has and discovering that he is way more awesome than Ted! I actually got an opportunity to ask him a question to which he answered and it was like a dream come true, a dream I could have never even dreamt of dreaming!

The list of things I liked is just too long I guess..

But my favorite moment from all these 3 days was the performance by Dharavi Rocks! Those little kids were just so damn good! I can never describe the feeling of seeing their performance in words! You just have to be there in person!
I can’t believe I am saying this, but yes, even the moment of seeing and interacting with Josh Radnor and Varun Agarwal is my second favorite to the moment of experiencing the performance by Dharavi Rocks!

INK Goodies.
INK Goodies.

Also, the FOOD!! Everything was great but my favorite thing was no doubt the cute little cupcakes with beautiful and yummy icing!

To summarize, I would say that it was an amazing experience because… The most beautiful stories came up and spoke out loud, that nothing is impossible if you have enough courage to go forward and make it all come true…

It was great fun to tweet about the event too! And… oh yes, did I forget to mention that I won INK goodies for tweeting??! Oh yes, I won! ❤

So there I was, a few days ago, not knowing about the existence of INK Live, but today, here I am, with so many amazing memories, an amazing experience and a plan to go back next year! Also, I didn’t know most of the speakers, but now I follow them on Twitter and here I am blogging about it all!

Now, that its over, I am missing it a lot and thinking.. what am I going to tweet now? But yes, my blog is happy because this experience has inspired me to blog again.. and I hope it will be regular now!

A special thanks to Abhisheak for that snapshot and the message and Sanika for coming with me to the event, for designing that amazing Jumpsuit, because of course, ‘You are Creative!’, and listening to my non stop chatter about how amazing everything was and how lucky I was to be there! Thank You guys!

P.S. I simply love that yellow t-shirt in our welcome goodie bag!! ❤

The Welcome Goodies.
The Welcome Goodies.

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