Little Wheels..

For years, my cycle was only a part of my home’s decor. It was too big for me and my will was never strong enough to ride it. Its not like that I had never tried, it just never felt right. Actually, there was another deeper reason too- I was too afraid to fall! But then one day, like all the best things in my life, out of nowhere something happened: a friend promised to set things right. It was a little weird to get my cycle out on the road and drag it to a friend’s colony to practice and learn, everyday! But I did it anyway and within a few days I learnt how to ride! Okay, one important thing here is that: I was in my 12th grade and was too ashamed to accept that I couldn’t ride a cycle and so as you can imagine, this was a huge achievement for me since the one great fear that I always had was- I will grow old with regret and shame that I couldn’t learn how to ride a cycle. But luckily for me, there was a limit to growing old without having learnt how to ride a cycle- only 17 years!But the most important aspect of this story was:

All these years I had been extremely scared of falling, but the day I actually peddled on my own for a few seconds and crashed on the road after a minute of feeling on the top of the world, I didn’t care about the dreaded wounds and bruises, because at that point of time, I was too happy to care about anything else in the world.

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