2014 was so full of craziness that I am almost glad that it’s coming to a close. But, yes, I am glad that it happened. It taught me so much! 2014 added new dimensions to my life and helped me grow as a person. It was so full of all my Firsts- Boards, College, Industrial Visit, Journey, Travel, Freedom and Decisions. It taught me to be independent and to make decisions and stand by them no matter what happens. It made me grow up and learn the differences between school and college, and the ones between friends and classmates. Life went through droughts and floods this year filled with loneliness and tears. It was so full of diverging roads that at every turn I had to stop and wonder. Yet, it gave me hope and love in a way I could have never even imagined. A few dreams broke along with my hope and some unexpectedly came true. It made me believe in destiny, which took me to a road not taken and I felt like a brook, moving forward despite all. Also, it made me a traveller! Who knew the difference between 5 minutes and 2 hours before 2014? And the difference between walking on a road and hanging in a train? For years, these places, which had seemed too far away, are now a part of my everyday life and the people, whom I met every day, are now so far away. Meeting people in months instead of every second day is not something I can get easily accustomed to, yet trying is the only way.  Each moment was a new challenge with no instructions or manual and brought forth only dread like never before. I miss the warmth and the care of the people around, and the smile, which for them, only I could bring about. They say things, unknown to the pain and hurt, but this is perhaps what life does. 2014 gave me so many opportunities that I can never thank it enough! Things that were impossible even in my dreams came true in strange ways showering happiness in my life! Too much philosophical this article may seem, but this is what 2014 taught me! Things have changed so much; it’s just too hard to believe. I hope 2015 will bring with it, a little better life than 2014.

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