People say- A book is a man’s best friend. Well, they are right, I just realized, sitting here by my table with my favorite clipboard in my hand. Books… they are truly a man’s best friend, whatever we may do, they will always be there. People may come and go, but those stacks of pages and their magical world always welcome us with their arms wide open. Their crinkly yellow pages may grow old but the beauty of the words in it, just never fades. They give us a place, a world, where we can be anything we want to be, a place where we can do anything, where anything and everything is possible and it all can come true. And if we aren’t happy with anything, we can criticize them and shun them aside but they will never hate us for it. They will stay where we left them, hoping to get back their place in their shelf, to be among others like themselves. There’s never a frown or scowl on their covers, whatever we may say or do. But, I am sure they too surely feel bad at times when we are rude, they too may sometimes feel like they want to just let go but they never do, they always hold on, just to be there when we need them.Well, writing this all doesn’t seem to be right, for I know I can’t ever express in words what I feel for them, my Harry Potter books… They have always been with me, they are the only things I treasure, only ones I would always want to keep with me because they aren’t just 7 books, they are a very important part of my life, I can’t imagine my life without them which would have been so different, probably very dull. They made me believe in magic, to feel it all around me. They are like a Portkey for me which transfers me into a magical world, where I am always happy though sad at times too. Reading them, can make anyone go through every possible emotion, there are times when I laughed my head off, times when I shed a lot of tears on those soft pages, times when they just filled me with a very powerful magical emotion, times when I learnt lessons of life and much more. I today want to thank them for welcoming me with warmth whenever I touched or opened them…

Thank you! Thank you so much! By the way did I mention that my favorite clipboard is actually a magical one, on which I kept my paper and scribbled my heart out!

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