An Ordinary Day.

That day was an ordinary one
But actually was for none
Walking along with my crew
Through a street where traveled few
Stopping for a while and looking around
Seeing the ruins of a city once crowned
Adjusting cameras as perfect angles
Solving puzzle to let wires untangle
To capture all beauty without fail
Of a different kind unlike in a fairy tale
Was checking an equipment and focusing on a stone
When I heard a soft moan
And then came a gentle cry
From somewhere near-by
We searched and searched for the source
While the little angel cried with all force
We found her in the garbage bin
Amongst veggie-peels plastics and tin
Little fingers, pretty eyes and an innocent face
She was just another ‘girl-child case’
Wrapped in her white little cloth
She had already faces people’s wrath
With only a few moments in the world
She was already punished for being a girl
Picking her up holding her tight
Ready to challenge nature’s might
We took her to the nearest hospital
Which was a place, usually very dull
But today was a different case
Terrified looks were on everyone’s face
Ignoring it all we rushed to the doc
Who, seeing her, was in a state of a shock
But he recovered soon
And ordered his platoon
A state of emergency was declared
Saving her was all that they cared
It was a tough fight
Her chances to live were not very bright
A healthy baby, she was born where
They didn’t want it all to end there
Mere hours ago where she was born
There the truth was upon us dawned
We prayed very hard
To force god put life on her cards
Hours passed, it what felt like a very long while
There wasn’t a single bring there with a smile
The obvious is what we feared
And doctors didn’t give any news of cheer
Doctors had given up the fight
Declared that it might be her last night
But with dawn came new light
She had won her fight
With new beginning came new light
And everything then seemed right
But still a question remained in sight
About why, she had to go through this fight?
Staff and police looked all around
But the parents were nowhere to be found
They had disappeared along with the angel
But only to leave her in terrible danger
And us with unanswered questions
And a terribly sad situation
That day, her life was thankfully spared
But with this episode a terrible truth was bared
That even after centuries still
There’s a deep void in people’s mind to fill
And after seeing today’s humanity in hours so few
Life was never the same for me and my crew…

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