A Pleasant Sleep.

It’s so difficult
To be like this
Being so near
To a Dementor’s kiss
All goes dark
With happiness gone
No hope left
Of a new dawn
Lying there quietly and
Awaiting his end
Still hoping that
An angel will be sent
To give him power
Which he never had
Whose absence made his life
Hell and him sad
Wishing that he was
Back in those days
Care freely bathing
In sun’s rays
Wishing he had then
Opposed the pressure
And not become
An engineer fresher
All along he never
Lived a life of his own
Fearing that his family
Would get him disowned
Though he let his kids choose
What they really wanted
Because still somewhere his life was haunted
He gave them what he never had,
A supportive,
And understanding dad
But still his
Void remained unfulfilled
And meanwhile all
His dreams got killed
Today he lies
On this hospital bed
Thinking of things
He never said
With a heart
Full of regret
Of things he
Could never get
And with those
Thoughts so deep
He went into
A pleasant sleep…

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