To Mumbai, With love.

Life in Mumbai is all about knowing the difference between 9:07 and 9:08. This is a place where every second matters and life can change in a minute and even when every single day is a struggle, the spirit of life never dies. You might not have been born here as a baby but you are born every day in this city as a new person, better than the day before. You learn a new thing every day, not sitting in a classroom but standing in a local train. Here, people fight over seats in a full train and stand near the door in an empty one and when some people are having their lavish dinner in a lavish hotel, there is always someone who is surviving on a vada pav. Here, you will easily find people driving Audi on a road which goes parallel to the railway track, on which a local train moves carrying more people than it can accommodate, some of them hanging out, their lives depending on the grip of their hands and trust on fellow travelers to refrain from moving or pushing. Mumbai teaches you life, as a strict teacher and takes your exam each day. And if you fail, it provides relief in the form of the sea’s wave, which takes all your stress along with the garbage, away. Sometimes it all comes back and hits you back to make you realize, your mistakes, but that’s only the tough time, it plays the role of the strict teacher it is. It takes everything from you to make you somebody and here you can become all that you want at a price you have to be willing to pay because here people start their days early and end late.This is a place where people live, love and laugh together. Actually Mumbai is just not a place; it’s a way of life.

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